The Cairngorms National Park is home to some stunning landscapes, tranquil lochs and a huge array of wildlife. It is also home to a vibrant and diverse arts & crafts scene. From painters to jewellery makers, from a long history in wool making to festivals – we are showcasing a small selection of people, places and events in the first part of our Arts & Crafts blog.

Angus Grant

Angus Grant has lived and worked in the Cairngorms area for most of his life and his art is greatly inspired by his surroundings. Angus is an art teacher at Grantown Grammar School and while he originally trained as a jeweller, his main passion now is painting.

Angus specialises in acrylic and mixed media painting, focussing on landscapes and the beautiful scenery of the Cairngorms National Park. His love of wildlife also features strongly in his work, as does his passion for fishing. Some of his most striking work is inspired by the lochs and mountains of the National Park, with images sourced during walking and kayaking trips.

We are delighted to offer a day out with this accomplished local artist who is eager to showcase what the Cairngorms have to offer to the artistic eye.

If wood is your material of choice, don’t look any further – Wooden Tom is slowly becoming an institution. In his own words: “I work with wood, both as craftsman and as a teacher.  I have a passion for wood,  for its texture and also because it makes me feel close to nature.   For my own part I am happiest when using Scottish wood to carve in a way which exhibits the natural curves and flaws of the wood as in Nature, and it’s important to me that the materials I choose are all every one of them sustainable, and thus my work plays its part in keeping our outdoors healthy.”

Jewellery makers unite! There is a wide variety of people making jewellery from strung beads to silversmithing. Here is a small selection of the local talent – check out their websites for further information:




The Braemar Creative Arts Festival is a great combination of arts, crafts and music in a stunning location:

Or why not try your hands on crafts while you are in the Cairngorms – at Smarty Art in Grantown on Spey


Knockando Wool Mill brings an old skill back to life. The Woolmill itself contains original textile machinery acquired over the centuries. It has always been at the heart of the local community; listed as the ‘Wauk Mill’ in parish records from 1784, the Woolmill has since maintained its traditions of spinning and weaving through generations of families. Take a tour of the mill, enjoy some delicious homebaking at the café and enjoy a walk in their gardens. A great day out!


And since we are talking about wool – have you already checked out the Cairngorms National Park tartan?

If you are interested to learn more about Scottish tartan – read our blog here.