The weather over the last few weeks has been rather changeable, snow and ice one minute followed by a rapid thaw before more snow once again. This in turn brings with it those rare days when the sun shines and the snow glistens.

River Spey (Lou Hughes)

“Following a fisherman’s path along the Spey, I’m the first to have walked this path since the recent dump of snow and oh how beautiful it is. Being a wildlife guide, I’m always making note of what’s around me, whether that’s birds in the trees or following the tracks on the path, today those of a lone Fox. From the riverside path I move into the forest, a mixture of native broadleaf and pine. This takes on a different type of beauty as the snow hangs on the branches, bits sluffing off as the sun melts it. This forest is very special as it is a stronghold for the endangered Capercaillie, I always hope I catch a glimpse as I wander through but normally just find signs of them in the form of their poo…I found neither today.”

Blue skies, sunshine and snow (Lou Hughes)

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